So you forgot your password

Everyone forgets passwords, it’s as true as the sky is blue. Fortunately HUB provides easy ways for you to reset your password, either by texting you a temporary password or by assisting with making sure help is on the way. This guide will walk through how to reset your password if your cell phone is in HUB and if it is not.

Forgot access code/password?

  1. Uh oh: You get to the HUB login page and realize you can’t remember your password! No problem.  There is a ‘Forgot your access code/password?’ option just below.Click Forgot your access code/password
  2. Email Address: Once you click on the link you are asked to provide your email address. This is the email address that also doubles as your login or username, to HUB.Enter your email address
  3. New Access Code:  One of two scenarios will play out now: you have a cell phone number in HUB or you don't have a cell phone number in HUB.

If your cell phone number is in HUB, you will receive a text with a one-time access code.
New access code is on it's way

Yay! Here is your handy text message with that one-time password.

 Text with access code

Once entering the one-time password, you are prompted to create a permanent password and reminded that having your cell phone number on file is the best option for resetting your password!

Create a new permanent password

If you don’t have a cell phone number in HUB, then your HUB administrator is going to have to save the day! Once you’ve entered your email address following the forgotten password process…

No cell on file

You will be notified an email has been sent to the administrator and you were copied on the email.

Email sent to payroll admin 

The administrator receives this email alerting them that you need assistance with having your password reset. 

Admin email 

To make your life easier in the future, make sure to update your profile within HUB with your cell phone number! Click here to access that guide!

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  • 18-Sep-2015