Downloading your pay stub

One of HUB’s many features is to notify you when your most recent pay stub is available. This guide walks through receiving this email notification and what to do next.

Pay Stub Delivery

  1. Email Notification: Once you have been set up with HUB, you will start to receive email notifications when your pay stubs are available to view/download. These email notifications will be sent the morning of pay day.  To access your stub, click on the link provided within the email.Email - pay stub is available for download
  2. Log in to HUB: Upon clicking the link, you will be asked to enter your access code (password).  This is the password you created when you first activated HUB.

    (If you are prompted for the last four of your SSN, home address zip code and DOB, don’t worry.  This just means you have not completed the HUB Activation process.  Click here and we’ll walk you through it.)Enter your access code/password

Forgot Your Password? If so, just click on “Forgot your access code/password?”  The system will either have your cell phone number on file or it won’t.

If your cell phone number is on file, hold tight as a new password will be assigned and sent to you as a text message (it will typically arrive immediately after you make the request but could take up a to a minute to be delivered).

If your cell phone is not on file, an automated password reset cannot be done. HUB will notify your company payroll administrator that you need help since they possess the ability to reset your password for you.

Forgot your password

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  • 18-Sep-2015