How to add your cell phone number to your profile

Everyone forgets passwords, it’s as true as the sky is blue. Fortunately HUB has a hassle free way of resetting passwords. When your cell phone number is in HUB you can reset your password with a simple text. This guide shows you how to add your cell phone number to HUB so you can reset your password all by yourself.

  1. Account and Settings: Once you logged in to HUB, you’ll notice on the upper right hand side you can click on your name. Once you do, a menu drops down.  Select “Edit your contact information”.
    Account Settings
  2. Contact Information: Here you can edit your cell phone number, password and company directory information. We will focus on the editing of the cell phone number.
    Cell phone
  3. Add Cell Phone Number: Simply provide your cell phone number following the format suggestion and then confirm it. And don’t worry, we never do anything with your number so it’s safe with us—scout’s honor!
    Add your cell phone  

You now possess the ability to always reset your own password should you forget what it is, simply by receiving a text once you follow this simple step. Click here for the guide on how to reset passwords.

Reset via text

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  • 18-Sep-2015