Activating your HUB Account

Once your employer has set you up with a HUB account, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to activate your HUB Account. Follow the steps below to activate your HUB account.

  1. Notification: When you receive the email notification that your HUB account has been created, there will be a link you will need to click on to activate your account. You have 5 days to activate, should you miss this window, the HUB administrator can regenerate the email notification or you can go through the activation process upon receiving your first pay stub.Notification that your account is ready to be activated
  2. Verification: Once you click the link you’ll be prompted to verify your account by providing the last four of your SSN, home address zip code and date of birth.Verify your personal information

    Once the three fields have been populated, click “next”.Verification information populated

  3. Activation: The final step involves selecting gender and creating a permanent HUB password.Finalize your activation

    Note: For enhanced security, we recommend passwords be greater than 8 characters and include a special character and number.

  4. Successful Activation: Upon activation, you’ll be provided with next steps. These next steps are helpful as they suggest you to bookmark the HUB login page, check out the Apps and take a quick tour. You can also enter HUB!Successful activation
  5. Did you have a cell phone number on file? You will notice that HUB asks for a cell phone number should it not already have one for you. It is highly recommended to add your cell phone number as this way you can receive a text allowing you reset your password should you ever forget it.No cell phone on file

    After you hit “Enter HUB”, if your cell phone is not on file, make sure you add it! You can opt to say no thanks, but then should you forget your password it’s not nearly as easy to have it reset.Add your cell phone

  6. Entry into HUB: After clicking “Enter HUB” you’re now free to navigate throughout HUB.Enter HUB
  7. Confirmation: Lastly, you’ll receive an email confirmation once you’ve successfully activated HUB which includes some helpful account and follow up information, like the login page (which you’ve bookmarked already, right?) and the email address that will serve as your username.Activation Confirmation
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  • 18-Sep-2015