So you have a HUB account, what now?

Once you receive word via email your HUB account has been created, there are exciting times ahead! You’ll need to activate your account. You’ll then want to make sure you make note of some important links, information, etc. This guide is designed to walk you through start to finish!

Getting started with HUB:

Your email notification your HUB account has been created states you have 5 days to get moving, so do not delay! Once you click on the link (that is specific to only you) you’ll be asked to verify:

  1. Last four of SSN
  2. Home address zip code
  3. Date of birth

Once you successfully enter the verifiers, you have activated your account and you are asked to create a permanent password. This password is the key to getting into HUB from this moment forward so make sure to set it something you remember! You will also be asked if you want to provide your cell phone number, should HUB not already have it. Make sure you provide it as it allows you to easily and securely reset your password should you ever forget it.

Finally, you have completed your activation and you’re provided with next steps. These next steps include:

  1. The HUB login page link, which is specific for you, so make sure you favorite it, bookmark it, etc.
  2. Notification that HUB has apps for iPhones and Androids. Should you want to download the app the homepage of HUB has full instructions.
  3. Take a tour of HUB. Watch a quick video on HUB explaining the features and functionality within
  4. Enter HUB—get on in and check it out!

Moving forward:

You will want to make sure you reference the email you receive immediately following completing your activation. It reminds you of the HUB log in page (which you’ve already booked marked by now, right?) as well as confirms with you the email address you will be using as your HUB login. Also, you’ll notice you start to receive emails alerting you when your paystub is available. It will prompt you to log in to HUB to view them, so keep that username and password handy!

Your password can be the trickiest part of HUB, therefore we recommend making sure HUB has your cell phone number so you can receive a text with a one-time password to reset your password should you ever forget it.

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