How to install the HUB App on your cell phone

In addition to being able to use HUB on a computer and tablet, HUB also has native iPhone and Android apps. Never mind where you are, HUB is always with you.

Downloading the App

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, the HUB app is available for download.  If you’re already in the respective app store, search for “employee HUB” or use the direct access links below.



Installing the App

When installing the app, you’re prompted to enter an application code and company ID.  To find the specific values you’ll need, sign into HUB on your computer and click on the mobile phone icon.  Below the Google Play and iTunes app store images are the application code and company ID your installation will require.

HUB App - Installation Codes

  • 111
  • 31-Dec-2015